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Dear Claudia, I am more than pleased to give you a short feedback.

- Arusha coffee lodge is a very nice place. Very good service and lovely surroundings. For the last night we could have sleep a little bit closer to the airport to save the 1h commuting transfer as we have a very early flight
- Acacia farm lodge was great and the team really professional and welcoming!
It is nice but you don’t really feel the safari spirit there. It is the only minus though the hotel is well designed!
- Lemala camp was awesome! Every thing was perfect. The tasty food, the team always available to pamper or to support you. Location is fabulous! 

-Lake manyara is cute and we could already see a lot there. But I will definitely not put it as the most striking area.
- Ngorongoro crater is amazing from the top view. Inside you feel more like in a big zoo. Accommodation next to the crater would be better to enjoy the sunset and sunrise and to avoid the long drive to access the wildlife reserve.
- north Serengeti was the best of our trip. Beautiful landscape, lot of animals. You really experience the safari spirit there.

-MP was fantastic! He was really keen on explaining us animal facts and was aware of children’s need. Great!
- the private guide in Lemala was really good too... we were quite amazed how well trained and efficient both guides were!

- a must do! Both flights were well scheduled and offering a different view on the area!

I will definitely recommend your agency for friends planning a trip to Tanzania.
Next time you have to organise our stay in Zanzibar!

Laure Hofmann Bertsché - Ghana
8 November 2017


Hi Claudia, Please find below my detailed feedback:

Exclusive Safaris / Zanzibar Retreats:
For my honeymoon, I have always wanted to plan a surprise trip. Claudia was my perfect partner in crime in providing me all the right advice and support for making sure my dream became a reality. For my trip to Tanzania (safari + beach) in June, I started to plan as early as Feb to get the best possible places. I am pretty detailed in my planning and also had no clue about travelling in Africa. Claudia provided me with a few great options to choose from based on my requirements and budget. She answered every question I had (trust me there was a lot of mail exchange) with utmost professionalism and in a very timely manner. Everything from the very first mail till the end of my honeymoon was perfect. She provided the best possible price. I had spoken to a couple other agents as well and the price difference was huge. Through her conversation it was very clear that this was her passion and she wanted to ensure we had an amazing honeymoon no matter what. In fact, to prove this was the fact that our flights got delayed from London and thus could not make it to the local transfer flights she had us booked on. Once I informed her, she had already informed and taken care of alternate arrangements. By the time we landed, all was good and flowed through very smoothly. I cannot thank or appreciate Claudia enough for having made this trip a super memorable one. Thanks again Claudia!

Rufiji River Camp
This was our first stop and due to our delay we missed the evening activity. However, they were on time to pick us up from the local air strip and also had planned a romantic alfresco dinner by the river bank in the company of lots of hippos.It is a very beautifully located camp and also well decorated and built. They had a few options for activities too. The bush lunch and breakfast was amazing too. However, the food was below average. I also believe that the Selous game reserve is probably suited only for those who want to be more private and not for those who actually want to spot herds of animals.

Matemwe Retreat
This literally is paradise on Earth. I have travelled to over 35 countries in Asia, America and Europe and nothing comes close to this. Absolutely picturesque, very well built and maintained property, so very close to the beach, amazing views, and absolutely delicious food. Most important of all though is the whole team of Matemwe right from Ross and Gina (who also was our photographer for a couple of hours) who manage the property, the amazing George -our private butler, our private chef John, the F&B manager Rama (who sings really well too), the head concierge Martin, the sports guide Mubarak and of course the bartender. The team ensured a perfect honeymoon, be it their amazing sand bank tour, snorkelling trips, amazing beach dinners and many more surprises to add to the great service they provided. The team’s reply to anything we asked was ‘Hakuna Matata’ (meaning ‘no problem’ for those who do not know). Truly the spirit of Africa. Undoubtedly the best stay in our lives so far and it is almost impossible to probably think that there could be any place in the future that will match up to this.

Do let me know if you need any specific details. Thanks a ton!

Raj Prasad - UK
10 July 2017


Dear Claudia, Happy new year!

Our vacation in Tansania was absolutely fabulous and went by without any difficulties!

In Short: Both the hotels were what they promised. At Sand River Selous we had very lovely lodge managers which took our well being very seriously. The length of our stay (4 nights) was perfect to see all the different game and as we stayed in one lodge only we did not comprise any time on traveling which all of as appreciated a lot.

The journey to Fundu Lagoon was not the most comfortable one, as it was very long with many changes. However I was worth it. The resort was very nice we had great food lots of fun on our diving/snorkeling/fishing trips and could enjoy the the wonderful spa. Especially the sunsets were beautliful. Due to the time of the year the hotel was only filled with families which made the stay very pleasant.

Michelle Winkler - Austria
11 January 2017


Hi Claudia, we enjoyed very much our stay at the Rufiji River Camp!

  • The safari excursions were great
  • The accommodation was fine, by the way we were lodged in a nice family lodge (the luxury type), even though we did not pay any supplement. I believe there was a confusion with the prices and I am glad I did not accept to pay a supplement.
  • The camp’s staff and the guide and the driver were professional and agreeable
  • The only area of improvement I would mention is the food: not bad but can be improved.

Alain Rossetto - France
16 March 2016


Dearest Claudia, our trip in one word: super!

Everything from beginning to end was perfectly orchestrated: no single delay, hassle, …

Ras Kutani: great way to start a holiday; very good food; we were happy with the family unit

Kigelia: Ruaha is fantastic for scenery and beauty; great staff and manager Ken; apparently Nomad just bought the camp last year and they already had made fixed roofs over the tents and dining area which is a big plus; elephants and hyena in the camp between tents;  excellent food !  apero at the fire and dining under the open sky at a large table : *****; saw 2 cheetah; saw lions every day

Sand Rivers Selous: super;  river is very nice, food is good; the bar is *****;  more difficult to find the game but they are certainly there; walking safari is super; totally different scenery again, boottrips are nice as well as the fishing; nice ponds/lakes

Fundu Lagoon: you were 100% right for recommending fundu over Seychelles;  it is so nice and you stay indeed in the ‘black’ ‘swahili’ ‘african’  ambience; it is just the right extension !  very good diving ( which I did after all , contrary to my doctor’s  advice, ; staff is very nice;  superior suite is fanatastic; we were just unlucky with the weather.

Perfect order and length for every segment of this trip ; 100% happy family to have booked with you.

Perfect order ( certainly ruaha first and then selous ) and length for every segment of this trip ;
100% happy family to have booked with you

Big kiss and thank you!

Karl Van Wesel - Belgium
20 July 2015


Hi Claudia, All the arrangements you made were streamlined and perfect.  Khwai is a very nice camp, beautiful setting and the managers and staff are very friendly, guides are knowledgeable, helpful and professional.  My only “problem” I had was with the accommodation, the roof of the tents are too low for tall people.  If they can lift it higher so you can stand up straight when they build the new expansion, then it will be perfect.

Linyanti stole my heart, beautiful nature, perfect accommodation and perfect guides.

Helena Brits - South Africa
30 June 2015


Thank you so much for the fantastic honeymoon that you organized for us! Our safari (staying at Lemala Kuria Hills, Exploreans & Lake Duluti) was perfectly planned and went off without a hitch.

It was clear that you have a great grasp of Tanzania and Zanzibar - and made it very smooth and easy to make arrangements. Should we ever venture back to Africa for another safari, we will certainly be giving you a call!

Tim Dahl - Chicago, USA
25 November 2014


Our trip was wonderful, we enjoyed everything that you had chosen for us.  You provided a good mix with the camps and they were all excellent in their own way.  I like the way you mixed it up too.  Every camp had wonderful food, service etc.  I have been on to trip adviser and written a review for Matemwe Bungalows, it is on line now.  The whole family loved everything too.  At first we thought Serengeti Mara Camp and Entim looked like they were in close proximity, but funny enough the  regions were slightly different, we saw very different things in both region.  We particularly loved Oliver’s Camp – Jackie and Justine were wonderful hosts and there is a hugh variety of animal in the Tarangire National Park with only being a small swamp area near by, so all the animals hung around that region making it easy to spot.

We only saw 1 Rhino and that was in the Ngorongoro crater and far away. We only missed sighting another at Serengeti Olakira Camp by 1 day, it never appeared again. I guess that was our only disappointment.

Finishing at Matemwe was perfect too, it gave us time to relax before the big journey home. They really need to do something about that road into Matemwe though, it is rough as rough.

Many thanks for organizing a wonderful holiday and helping us get through that difficult time last year of postponing. I will certainly recommend Zanzibar Retreats.

Helen Buchanan - Australia
12 October 2014


Hi Claudia, we are back home and also back to work! All the drivers were just fine and very kind.

Lake Duluti - was very nice, it was short but nice after a long trip, with nice honeymoon details.

Plantation Lodge was very special and we truly loved it! The food was not so premium as expected, though. Wasn't bad, but for the money we paid we imagined something more diverse and higher quality ( especially breakfast).

Sayari - was amazing, same comment about the food as for Plantation lodge. Breakfast was so and so, especially for me not eating meat. Other than this was very very special lodge, with great view, with a nice feeling of adventure everywhere, very warm hosts.

The airport in Zanzibar is a mess, but luckily our things were ok. Kilindi was breath-taking, beautiful views and comfort. I would have liked to have more entertainment from the resort itself. No life music at all, no local people involved to create something for the guests, no internet in the room or a TV for movies (just movies, especially when it was raining). VERY good food & drinks at Kilindi!!

It was a very nice adventure for us, amazing nature and great connection with animals, very kind and very relaxed people, good food (overall)! Thank you again for your help, it was priceless!!

Floriana Cristea - Holland
18 August 2014


We had a really wonderful and relaxing trip to Tanzania :-) I want to thank you for the advice and arrangements - everything was better than we expected. I will definitely recommend your services to friends here in Finland and abroad, actually it seems that not that many Finns have yet visited Africa and even fewer Tanzania.

Wilderness Camp in Selous was exciting with its lush location meaning you could really feel the flora and fauna around you. The changing water level of the river played some tricks and soft roads as well, in the end we had to take the boat to the airstrip. Our tent was tidy, and we are somewhat used to primitive conditions from summer cottages here in Finland. We did run into a hairy baboon spider beside the bed once but my wife just smashed it :-)

The personnel was attentive and we got some very nice guiding during game drive, river safari and village visit. We did only one full day game drive as we were lucky to run into the animals we expected - almost missed the elephants but at the very end had a wonderful experience. We happened to run into the family when the baby was on the wrong side of the road and got to witness a show of collaboration when the biggies ensured a safe passage - wonderful!

Che Che Vule was also good. We did not expect much and got everything - the house was spacious, pool was ok (water could have been more clear), beach access perfect and service was wonderful.

In all, thanks for the good service, Claudia, and I wish we or some of our friends can do more arrangements with you in the future!


Christer Nordlund - Finland
4 March 2014

We fully agree with Christer. We had a great trip to Selous and Zanzibar. We were particularly impressed by the Coastal services with inside Tanzania flights. Excellent and flexible service and the convenient shuttle service between the airports in Dar Es Salaam was an unexpected bonus. It really was a great recommendation to fly with Coastal. Next time will definitely need to include Kilimanjaro to the travel plan. :-)

Will definitely recommend your services to friends and colleagues!

Saara Taalas - Finland
4 March 2014


The Selous Wilderness Camp was excellent. It was pretty spectacular in terms of service, being looked after, what they did for us etc. The staff were excellent, and accommodation above average (it is still a tent, after all). The game drives were great. For clients that have not been on safari before it is perhaps worth noting Selous is not as good as other safari locations for Big 5 bingo. But highly recommended.

As for Matemwe Lodge, we really enjoyed it and found it incredibly relaxing. The food was excellent and the ‘hands on’ service staff brilliant for the most part.

Finally, the logistics were excellent – from Coastal Safari’s flights to the transfers by Island Express, which were excellent throughout. I hope the above helps in some small way, and many thanks for organising the holiday for us.

Matthew Southwell - Dubai
16 August 2013


Unfortunately, Germany has us back again! The trip was great and I would have liked to extend our stay!

The organization of the trip including all transfers, flights, etc. worked smoothly, without us even showing any vouchers - compliments to you and your business and thank you!

About each Lodge:
Arusha Coffee Lodge - time was a little too short for accurate assessment, but a very nice facility.
Oliver's Camp: We really liked, very nice camp and very dedicated staff, a very pleasant surprise! I would recommend it to anyone.
Serengeti Under Canvas Camp: Beautiful, great experience, but we had booked it because we thought that it is closer to the migration, which was unfortunately not so.
Manyara Tree Lodge: Even nicer than expected, absolutely beautiful and great location, I would have liked a few more days there..... Highly recommended!
Ngorongoro Crater Lodge: Pompous and unique as expected, a must see ... However, in my opinion once visited is enough. The Crater tour was unspectacular, our guide did not seem very motivated, and generally the staff here was the most unfriendly. Some employees were quite arrogant and were a bit superficially friendly. Here one should expect more for the expensive price!

We would not hesitate to book again through you and will also recommend you. Keep up your good work!

ASANTE SANA from Germany

Janina + Gerold Matuszewsky - Germany
30 March 2012


We had a fabulous time and everything was extremely well organized, and went like clock work thanks to Claudia and Exclusive Safaris. I would rate everything and everyone highly, except for a minor cliché at Meno a Kwena that I’ve already told Claudia about but don’t want to make too much of.

Alison Green - Australia
15 November 2010


We made it back to Europe! Thanks for your lovely booking. Everything went perfect, all transports on time. The organisation was beyond expectation. Thank you!!!

Dr Michael Pack - Germany
22 April 2009


I would first like to say that my experience with Claudia and Exclusive Safaris was way beyond my expectations. It was absolutely the trip of a lifetime. Since the pricing was so much less that I was quoted by other companies, I was not expecting to receive the very best in customer service but I was wrong. My trip went off perfectly and the customer service was 5 star. Every transfer went smoothly and since it was a complicated itinerary and we were in Africa, this was quite a feat. We stayed in 10 different hotels and camps over one month, and every time we arrived at any location, someone was already waiting for us. The transfers went smoothly, we had excellent guides and they even walked us through and expedited processes at the airports. Claudia did an incredible job and even came to meet us in Cape Town with her husband. I will book with her on all our future trips.

Laura Kaufman - USA
7 October 2008


We have just arrived back from our African holiday. The trip was great - well organized and a very good choice of the lodges. I will not hesitate to recommend Claudia and Exclusive Safaris to any of my friends. Thanks. All the best!

Joao Paulo Raimundo - Portugal
29 March 2008


"Back to reality" and so called "civilization." Dorothy and I wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the fantastic African journey you have organized for us. All went without the smallest hitch and it has really been the trip of our life. We have seen amazing things and we have enjoied every single minute of it. We have made a lot of new friends as well.

Dorothy and Ricardo Canepazzo - Hong Kong
7 March 2007

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